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Getting started with Mailbook? This is how it works.

With Mailbook you can easily collect addresses for wedding invitations, holiday cards or simply as an address book. But how does Mailbook work exactly? This article shows all the features that make Mailbook so useful.

Get started

When registering you will be asked to choose a relevant theme and then personalize the title so that your friends and family know why you are asking their address. Your title appears clearly at the top of the page that you send to friends and family.

Choose a theme for your address book

Sharing with friends

To collect addresses you get a personal link that you share with friends and family. You can always find this link at the top of the Mailbook website. We also have useful buttons for sharing directly via Facebook or email.

Share your add address link


The fastest is to share your personal link with friends and family with Facebook (or any other messaging tool). Your address book will quickly be filled with new addresses.

Share the link on Facebook messenger

Add address details

Friends can enter their address information via a simple address form. Everything except a name and place is optional. They receive a one-time email confirmation, where they can fix potential errors.

A simple address form to add addresses

Privacy & data security

Mailbook has made privacy and data security a primary priority. We never share addresses with other parties, and put a lot of energy into keeping the site safe. In addition, your friends and family can remove their address from your address book if they wish.

Mailbook earns money from selling adress labels with Mailbook addresses to users. Read more about this in our terms and conditions.

Search addresses

Your address book is sorted by first name by default. But you can also sort by last name, city or date of addition. So you always know what the new addresses are. Search makes it easy to find the address you need.

Search for the righ address

Export addresses

Ultimately, of course, you want to use the collected addresses! You can quickly export your mailing list as an Excel or CSV file.

Export as Excel or CSV file

Print labels

If you own label printing paper, you can print the addresses on labels yourself! Mailbook makes that a piece of cake. Select your label size, choose `Download labels` and just print..

Export as label file

If you prefer no hassle for your labels we offer to ship your personalized address labels to your home, starting at $15.

More features...

In addition, we support importing an (existing) Mailbook, emailing groups and more useful functions are often added by our team. Are you missing a feature that makes Mailbook even better? Send us a message and we'll take it seriously.

Do you have any questions? Our email inbox is open for questions.

Posted by Yvo Schaap on 26 April 2021. Updated 12 January 2023.

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