Your free online address book.

The free and easy way to collect addresses.

The best tool to help you collect the addresses from friends and family to send out wedding invitations , party invitations or simply as online address book.

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How does it work?

  • Create your own Mailbook.

    You will get your own personal online addres book.

  • They save their address.

    Your contacts can quickly add their address to your Mailbook.

  • Export your Mailbook as Excel file.

    Your personal Mailbook can be easily exported, downloaded or printed on labels.

Your personal online address book

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Mailbook is the easiest way to collect addresses, and provides a clear overview of all addresses of your friends, acquaintances, family and co-workers.


  • Mailbook is completely free, for you and your contacts.
  • All data is saved securely in the cloud.
  • Export your Mailbook as Excel or .csv file.
  • We share your data with nobody.

Read more how you can easily collect addresses or get your own online address book with Mailbook on our blog 👉

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do people see when they click my link?

    Click here to experience an example. If you sign-up you can set your own theme plus title and get your your personal link.

  • What do you with the address details?

    We save these securely and only list them in the user's Mailbook. We do not share these details with any other party. Read more in our privacy policy.

  • How safe is using Mailbook?

    We pride ourselves with our privacy and safety precautions: we don't share addresses with third parties and data is stored with strong encryption. Read more in our privacy policy.

  • How do I export my contacts from Mailbook?

    Mailbook provides a feature to export your address book as either an Excel file or CSV file. These files can be used on most card sending websites, or opened with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Apple Numbers application.

  • How do I print my contacts on labels?

    Mailbook offers an export option that provides you a Word document with your addresses exactly aligned to your label paper for you to print easily yourself.

  • How do you make money?

    Mailbook is free to use. We do not sell any data or serve ads. The Dutch version features Mailbook for Businesses, which is a paid product with enterprise features which funds operation of our website.

  • Who created Mailbook?

    Mailbook is the brainchild of Bram, designed by Emiel and currently maintained by Yvo. Read more about us here.

  • How can I get in touch?

    If you have questions, feedback, suggestions, a good story or proposal? Send us an email at